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    Captive Runtime and SSL WebService


      I am trying to get an Air Desktop application that uses WebServices and ANE to install correctly and am having issues with WebServices. When the application is running in the IDE and also deployed in a 'Native Installer' the webservices called work correctly without issue. Now when I try and package as a Captive Runtime the web services are failing with the following error (I am storing application errors in a SQLite db) "[FaultEvent fault=[RPC Fault faultString="HTTP request error" faultCode="Server.Error.Request" faultDetail="null"] messageId="F1B0689A-C225-C6E3-4F28-67FBE72C59E1" type="fault" bubbles=false cancelable=true eventPhase=2]'.


      I have seen other discussion about this but they are dealing with moble application not Windows Desktop so I am asking again with reference to windows.