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    Problems Connecting my HDR-HC7 to Windows 7 64-bit




      I used to have Windows 7 32-bit and was able to connect my HDR-HC7 Sony camcorder via Firewire without too much trouble. Preimere Elements 11 woud see the camera as would HDVSplit.


      I recently built a new computer (using the same Firewire card) and placed Windows 7 64-bit on it. When I connect the camcorder via Firewire, it is recognized instantly as the HDR-HC7 camera. I can see it under Devices and Printers. The camera itself shows that the iLink is on, but when using Preimere or even HDVSplit, there is no camcorder recognized. It is as if I didn't connect it at all, even though Windows does see it.


      I have tried changing the settings on the camera to DV Convert, Auto, etc. but I cannot seem to get it to be recognized. Also the drivers appear to be up to date (if you consider 2006 up to date).


      Any ideas on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you for the help.