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    Flash Buttons- "Over" option not overlapping other buttons

    Js565 Level 1




      How do you make the "over" for buttons universally appear on top? When I made 4 flash buttons side by side, i am wanting to make it so that when you hover over one of the buttons a rectangle expands to show a description of that button- this rectangle should be large enough to cover over the other three buttons but for some reason the other buttons are still visible over the rectangle. I have made it so the top button layer is at the top and then the 2nd button underneath that so on...however when i hover over the 2nd button, the rectangle description box doesn't cover over the first button. How would I be able to make it so that the "over" rectangles are always covering all three other buttons?


      as you can see below, this is when i hover over the second button, the rectangle isnt able to cover the first button.


      Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 15.23.15.png


      Please is there a solution to this? I am wanting it to work very much like when you hover over icons similar to rollover for websites.


      I appreciate anyone that can help.