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    Performance problems

    Erhard Zrust
      hi, I'm doing a racing game with the havok xtra. As I think that the game is running too slow generally (e.g. now 15 to 22 frames on a 2GHZ Laptop, 1 gig ram and ATI Mobility X600 running winxp and I'm getting feedback that the game is too slow on other machines), I tried to do anything in order to speed it up) The only thing that's missing is havok. For the game to behave nicely I have to use many substeps (15-21 depending on the framerate and done by an interpolated function), a much too high value for gravity and concave sledge models as the convex ones constantly trip over polygon borders ((a bug as I think)))

      see my havok script below. I tried to do virtually anything, to no avail, Either I'm stuck at the framerate or the physics model does not behave nicely or break)

      Any ideas?

      Ah, yes, the sledge models are now concave movable rbs with a weight of 200