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    copying & activating Illustrator onto new computer.


      I had Illustrator CS2 on my old iMac.  Bought a new Macmini and it will not work.  Purchased Illustrator CS5 from Office Depot and have installed it on old computer first.  Now I want to copy over Illustrator CS5 to my new Macmini.  What files from Illustrator CS5 do I need to make sure I copy over from my old iMac to my new Macmini?  AND do I need to Deactivate Illustrator CS5 on my old iMac before I try to active it on my new Macmini?  (the Illustrator CS5 I purchased came on a DVD and my MacMini has not DVD slot so I need to copy the files over to my new Macmini withOUT using the Adobe Illustrator DVD installer disc).  Thank you for your help.