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    DW CS6 Template in Edge

    LatNWarrior Level 1

      I would love to be able to open a DW template in Edge Animate. I think this would make the Edge program a lot more powerful if we had the ability to open DW templates and  develope/design our templates with edge!

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          AllDayDev Adobe Employee

          A Dreamweaver template (.dwt) file is just an HTML file with some additional markup, so there's no particular reason you can't work with a template in Edge Animate. The only practical roadblock is that Edge Animate isn't programmed to understand that files with the ".dwt" file name extension are HTML files. It is fairly easy to work around this.


          Here's a summary of one possible method:

          1. Create your basic page/layout in Dreamweaver.
          2. Define the various editable regions, etc.
          3. Save the page as a template (.dwt).
          4. In the Finder (Mac OS) or Windows Explorer, make a copy of the .dwt file.
          5. Rename the copy from, for example, "template-copy.dwt" to "template-copy.html".
          6. Open the .html file in Edge Animate.
          7. Add whatever interactivity/animation you would like.
          8. Publish the animation.
          9. Rename the published .html file (in /publish/web) from "template-copy.html" to "template-copy.dwt".


          The only thing from here is to make sure all the necessary include files and assets are copied over to your Dreamweaver local site root folder along with the new template file.

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            LatNWarrior Level 1

            Thanks for the work around. I created a main.html and I am working with it in Edge. Once finished I will covert it to a template in DW if that does not work I will try your process; Much appreciated Thank You!