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    APE 11 Line Spacing

    Phil.com Level 1

      When working in Titles where can I find line and character spacing, kerning.  It looks like it has been eliminated since APE 7. Can I find it in another location? I don't see it in the Adjustments Panels.


      Thank you.


      Cheers!  Phil

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, those type-handling functions disappeared with PrE 11. Not sure why, but many have complained over their elimination.


          One workaround is to create the Titles in Photoshop, or similar, with type-handling controls, Save_As a PSD to be Imported into PrE. The downside is that those "titles," which are just Image files, can only be edited back in the program used to create them - unlike having a real Title, created in Titler.


          Personally, I think that even better type-handling (more Alignment functions, etc.) should have been ADDED to Titler, and no functions should have been removed. I just do not understand that decision.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You can not change kerning or leading in your titles in version 11. Sorry.

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              Phil.com Level 1

              Thank you gentlemen. We will just have to press on with not so great titles.


              Well I won't have to feel badly because I could not find them.


              Have a nice day!


              Cheers!  Phil