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    I always have to force quit Premier Elements 9

    JAKS Media

      I have two Windows 7 computers, a 64bit desktop and a 32bit laptop, with Premier Elements 9 installed.  I always have to force quit the program whenever I am done using it on both computers. Any ideas why?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          On two computers? Have you tried running the program in XP compatiibility mode?


          Otherwise,  I'd ask myself what third-party program I'm running on both computers that could be interferring. Likely candidates would include anti-virus programs and firewalls and pretty much any program with the word Norton in its name.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Such behavior is often caused by having some other Adobe process also running.


            To check on that possibility, before you do the force quit, look in Task Manager, to see what other Adobe programs, or processes, might also be running.


            In older Adobe programs, and especially in Photoshop CS 2, I have seen the now discontinued Version Cue hang the program. By default, it was launched at bootup, and the trick then, was to disable that auto loading/launching.


            Good luck, and please let us know if any Adobe programs, or processes are also running.