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    Disappearing Text


      I'm tweaking an existing template and having lots of problems. I must admit, I'm new to InDesign but so far I hate it. This is a corporate quided change but InDesign has far more options than we need. I'm an analyst, not a graphic designer. I crunch numbers, not make things look pretty, but it's part of my job, so I need some help please.


      Anyways, in the picture below you can see the number 9 over the orange object. However, the text shows for a few seconds, then disappears (I took a screen very quickly). I know it's still there cuz I can highlight it. I've read thru other discussions on this and my problem has nothing to do with the wrapping text problems everyone else seems to have, because I have changed that. To clarify, I copied the blue object above it, and changed the color to orange. I then copied the text (number) from in the blue object above it and pasted it into the orange object. From what I can tell, this copy and paste is definitely not an exact copy and paste. Something seems to have changed from copying the object. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?


      Thanks in advance.