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    motion track a mouse


      Hi all, I'm looking to create something very similar to redcritter's explanatory vid, found here:




      My main goal is to create something similar to the "huge" mouse click, where the camera follows the mouse as it navigates through the site.  In essence my question is, is motion tracking the mouse from an original screen shot, and then attaching a larger, say illustrator file

      (of a bigger mouse) to that track the best way to go?


      Or would I be better off taking a static screen shot with no actual mouse movement, and then adding in my own animated mouse?  Sorry if it is lengthy, thanks for the support.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          By far the easiest way to do this kind of animation is to re-create all of the elements in Illustrator. You will have no end of grief using screen captures because many webpages have tons of a single pixel wide lines and they fall completely to pieces in a video project.


          That is most likely the way the video you referred to was created. Photoshop, or Illustrator, to create representations of the webpage with thick enough lines and fat enough type to successfully use as footage for 3-D camera moves.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            Motion tracking isn't a good way to do this.


            You would be best off creating a pointer icon and animating it.  You'd also animate various layers that compose the web site.  They could be screen grabs of the web sire itself, but for greater control, you may have to construct your own web pages is Photoshop..


            I get the notion that you want to simply run screen recording software with the intention replacing one pointer icon with a larger one.  You probably won't get waht you seek if try to do so.

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              Fyin.com Level 1

              That was my guess, thanks for the responses!