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    Export Video with Multiple Audio Tracks

    Vital edit 1

      I need to be able to export video with audio on multiple tracks. I have moved to CS6 from FCP 7 where this was rather easy to do. I can make a preset in AME with more than enough mono tracks but after the encode the video is always smashed to one mono track. I am not doing a 5.1 mix, there are different mic's on each track that need to remain independant of one another and mixing them down within Premiere is not feasable. Are there no options to just have the audio 'pass through' like Compressor? Sorry if there are other posts but I have been searching forever and can not find a simple answer on this topic.


      Also, is there no way to have the source timecode burn in? Putting a filter on the video in a sequence is unacceptable, I am very displeased to find that this doesn's seem possible in AME or Premiere, it has been part of Apple's suite for years.


      Example of my preset from Compressor:


      Name: Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy)

      Description: QuickTime movie with Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) and audio pass-through

      File Extension: mov

      Estimated size: unknown

      Audio: multi-track pass-through


      Video Encoder

                Width: (100% of source)

                Height: (100% of source)

                Pixel aspect ratio: Default

                Crop: None

                Padding: None

                Frame rate: (100% of source)

                Frame Controls: Automatically selected: Off

                Codec Type: Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy)

                Multi-pass: Off, frame reorder: Off

                Automatic gamma correction



                Pixel depth: 24

                Spatial quality: 50

                Min. Spatial quality: 0

                Temporal quality: 0

                Min. temporal quality: 0


      Timecode Generator

                Position: Lower Right--Title Safe

                Alpha: 1.000

                Label: Source Timecode

                Start Timecode at 00:00:00:00 false

                Text Color: r:0.0000, g:0.0000, b:0.0000

                Font: Helvetica, 36

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          Mano Bakker

          Hi James,


          For exporting a multitrack .wav file, you have to start a project with a multichannel audiomaster (3-16 tracks).

          Copy and paste your complete edit to the new editsetting.

          Now in the audiomixer you can route your audiolayers to the multichannel you like.

          (CH1+2 pan to left is channel 1, pan to right is channel 2 and for a stereo track pan to center : channel 1 for left and channel 2 for right.)

          Then you export your project to a 3-16 tracks multitrack .wav file.

          When you need mono tracks you can import your multitrack .wav file in premiere. Then send it to Audition (edit in Audition) and then adobe will convert the file into mono tracks.

          You'll find the mono tracks in your audio capture folder or can premiere search for then by 'reveal in explorer'.

          The multi track .wav file has got timecode within the file.


          When exporting in QT you can also choose for a multitrack audio file. It also contains your timeline timecode.

          .avi or .mp4 video files cannot be exported with more than 5.1 channels of audio


          MXF OP1a in XDCAMHD can also be exported with max. 16 channels of audio. It also contains your timeline timecode.


          Hopefully you can get further with Premiere Pro with this info.


          Succes with it!!

          gr. Mano

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            If you add the Timecode effect to a clip and change the Timecode Source to media, you'll get a window dub of the clip's original timecode.