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    For those wondering about new capabilities of Element 3D 1.5 - my fav is OBJ sequence importing

    lasvideo Level 4

      Video Copilot released Element 3D 1.5 last night. Its a free upgrade. It has lots of new features. The one I am very enthusiastic about is its ability to import OBJ sequences.


      What that means is this.


      At first Element had the ability to import static 3D models.Very cool but limited motion abilities.


      Now you can create an animation of your model in 3D software ( I use the spectacular newest incarnation of Blender) and it will import a sequence of 3D model movements.


      Before if you wanted to have sophisticated movements with models you would have to do it in Blender then output a MOVIE of that motion. NOW YOU GET A SEQUENCE OF 3D MODEL MOTION. Which means you can reposition your camera to look at the movement anywhere you want. Its not a flat movie anymore.