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    Connection to external xml file


      How do I use an external xml file as a data source for my LiveCycle form?


      I have an xml file on my server that is updated every few days by a script. My LiveCycle form is on the server and can be pushed to the client by the click of a button on a web page or similar. Is it possible to have the LiveCycle form refresh its data before being sent to the client, or every few days?


      I was thinking that on the load of the form, a JavaScript function could check if the form is on the server, or check if the xml file is there, and if it is, update itself, else do nothing.


      I would rather keep the xml file and the form seperate as other applications and scripts make use of the xml file.



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          Luigi (8 BIT PLATOON)

          1) If the form is being used internally on the same network (ie: the xml file is always availabe via network to th form), the form can query local files, but this requires advanced scripting.

          I haven't done it with shared network drives tho. - if you do, I use solution two


          2)  Assuming you use LC Reader Extensions and the form is 'all over', not always on the originating network.

          - Expose the XML file via a webservice (if it is not sensitive data)

          - Get the form to query the webservice


          3)But if you have LiveCycle installed with Forms.

          Use the readXML component and then bind the XML with the Form.