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    Trash recovery folder upon exiting


      Adobe has really outdone themselves in terms of annoyances designed to help. I might have ten unsaved inDesign docs open that I use for creating documents in other programs. I don't need these docs ever again once I am done with them, and yet Adobe is oh so "helpful" in reopening them every time I relaunch the app, even though I've closed them without saving. I've tried making the recovery folder read-only but that makes the entire program die. I've set up an Automator script to find the files and trash them and even empty the trash using Applescript, but I don't see a tidy way of making this happen every time I exit inDesign. InDesign completely ignores my system preferences to NOT REOPEN files - ("When selected, open documents and windows will not be restored when you re-open an application") - because what, they think we are helpless neophytes who do not know what is best for us? Why is there not at least an option to turn off this setting?


      I'd really like to know if there is a way to tell InDesign to destroy these unwanted files upon quitting the application, if anyone out there has had success with it.