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    Hardware recommendations for capturing VHS / RCA composite better than Hauppauge USB?


      Hi folks,


      I am trying to archive our old VHS tapes (NTSC 720x480 29.97 fps). I am using a $45 Hauppauge USB-Live-2 Video Capture. It's certainly adequate to see what's happenning in general, but it's also not as good as one would see e.g. playing these tapes on a TV. In particular, the right side of the image is missing some pixels (as though the right-most 20 or so pixels are blacked out, all up and down the right edge). Quite possibly, there are other subtler problems.


      FWIW, I am doing the initial capture with AVS Video Recorder (to UYVY AVI format), then importing this (DV NTSC 720x480 29.97 fps) to PE11 and exporting to DV NTSC 720x480 29.97 fps MP4. PE11's MP4s are about 30% the size of the AVS AVIs.


      Bill Hunt here recommended looking into DV Bridges (thanks, Bill!). However, I am not entirely sure what to look for. I found some Canopus devices on NewEgg, but they are $170, $200, or more. I'm not sure it's worth $200 just to save a 20-pixel edge on approximately 30 home videos. Anyway, can anyone point me toward hardware that works well with PE11 and VHS composite?


      Thanks if you can help!