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    Unable to get BitmapData.encode() to function - odd nonsensical compiler and runtime errors.


      First... let me state that EVERY SINGLE STATEMENT REFERENCING THIS CLASS, ET. AL.,  is FULLY introspective when in the editor.   It will add the import statement if I haven't already added it.  It will autocomplete, etc.  Nothing is missing or misspelled, and the editor is fully aware that this class exists and how it is used. Doing a docs lookup on any of the terms (in the edit window) brings up the correct API reference in the help window.   It's only the compiler/runtime that complains, and usually, only the runtime.  I've cleaned and done every other little 'trick' I know of to overcome stupid errors that aren't errors.


      Based on web searches for this type of error:

      ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable flash.display::PNGEncoderOptions is not defined.


      VerifyError: Error #1014: Class flash.display::PNGEncoderOptions could not be found.


      ...I moved my actionscript code from the MXML component into an external class.  The only 'hint' I found from other contributors (and all on far older versions of the API) was that classes were not being declared public, so, even though I was using no class, but rather actionscript in a <fx:Script entity, I went ahead and created an external class.  To wit:



      package classes


                import flash.display.BitmapData;

                import flash.display.PNGEncoderOptions;

                import flash.geom.Rectangle;

                import flash.utils.ByteArray;



                public class PngEncoder


                          public function PngEncoder(bmpData:BitmapData, png:ByteArray, fast:Boolean)


                                    bmpData.encode(new Rectangle(0, 0, bmpData.width, bmpData.height), new flash.display.PNGEncoderOptions(fast), png);






      This still provokes the following:

      ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable flash.display::PNGEncoderOptions is not defined.

                at classes::PngEncoder()[D:\Dropbox\Work\PictureTools-OnTheMove\PictureTools-OnTheMove-MakeI t\src\classes\PngEncoder.as:12]

                at components::ChoosePictureButton/choosePictureLightboxClosed()[D:\Dropbox\Work\PictureTool s-OnTheMove\PictureTools-OnTheMove-MakeIt\src\components\ChoosePictureButton.mxml:165]


      It makes no difference what import statements I use.


      It makes no difference what form of reference I make, fully qualified "new flash.display.PNGEncoderOptions(..." or simply "new PNGEncoderOptions(..."


      It makes no difference if I create a public or private or protected var of type PNGEncoderOptions.


      It makes no difference if I instantiate and assign PNGEncoderOptions in the same statement where I declare the variable above the class, or if I instantiate it within the class constructor.


      It makes no difference which boolean value I pass to the PNGEncoderOptions constructor when instantiating.


      It makes no difference if I use the JPGEncoderOptions class instead.