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    Moving from ColdFusion 8 to ColdFusion 10 - Migration Fails


      After having made several attempts to migrate from a ColdFusion 8 Standard server to a ColdFusion 10 Standard server, it feels like I am "almost" there. I'm using the 64 bit installer from Adobe's website.

      I'm using a Windows Server 2008 (64 bit) server with IIS 7.5.

      The installation itself goes smooth and the services start and are running. But at the end of the installation it says "ColdFusion Installed, but with errors" and it generates a log file.

      The log file reads:

      Migration Error: : Check that "C:\ColdFusion8" is a valid directory and is an installation of either ColdFusion MX 6 or ColdFusionMX 7

      and further down says:

      Status: WARNING

      Additional Notes: WARNING - Could not migrate settings from previous version of ColdFusion

      Custom Action:


      Status: ERROR

      Additional Notes: ERROR - class com.macromedia.ia.action.MigrateColdFusionAction NonfatalInstallException null

      The applicationHost.config file has new XML referencing the ColdFusion 10 directory, but IIS is still using ColdFusion 8. I'm also going to guess that the settings in the CF Administrator have not been migrated based on the message in the log above.