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    How to play Audio on iOS device (iPhone/iPad) using HTML5


      I am using Adobe Edge Animate to create an HTML5 site that plays audio using JavaScript on an onclick() event.


      In my html I have the following between my <SCRIPT> tags:

      function aud_play_pause(filename) {

        var myAudio = document.getElementById(filename);

        if (myAudio.paused) {


        } else {






      In my <BODY> I have:

      <audio id="sound">

                <source src="media/sound.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" />

                <source src="media/sound.ogg" type="audio/ogg" />



      In Adobe Edge Animate, I have an onclick event:



      This works on IE, Chrome, and Safari. It also works on Safari when accessed by an iPhone.


      When I attempt to package the application with PhoneGap and deploy on a device, no sound is played. My application works perfectly with the exception of sound.


      Can someone guide me to a link that has instructions on how to play sound in HTML5 so that it works when deployed on an iPhone or iPad?


      Thank you,

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          btaartdirector Level 1

          I am having a similar issue, but using InDesign CC to make a DPS package. I have used user events like mouseover, mouseclick, to get the sound to play since apparently iOs will not allow autoplay of audio due to bandwidth and the appropriate-ness of audio playing without the user consenting. I am still no closer to getting the sound to play. It works fine in all other scenarios, but not on iOS.


          I hope someone can steer us in the right direction. Not a lot of "NEW" discussion on it past AN2.0.