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    Flash timeline playing continuous, instead of allowing actions to active


      Hello all,


      I recently stepped into the shoes of a web designer who was Flash-crazy, and used Dreamweaver's design-View exclusively. I am not familiar with Flash (jQuery all the way), and I write most code from scratch.


      So, I'm trying to make small changes to one of her old Flash sites. Since I'm unfamiliar with Flash (and most of Dreamweaver's "functions"), the problem could very well be the way I'm publishing, or it could have something to do with a small script needed in Dreamweaver. I'm not sure.


      The whole page (links and sub-windows, etc) is Flash actions. I had to make the page smaller, and make a few minor changes. I "published" my page (Flash + HTML) and make sure all the scripts sync up correctly, and I get this:



      The timeline is playing like a movie, and I need it not to "play" but just provide the actions for the links and stuff. Like this (old site):




      Can anyone view the source and see any obvious errors? Or did I miss a step in publishing or something? ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated...Thank you, thank you in advance!!