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    Photoshop Touch and Creative Cloud

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      hey adobe creative cloud. okay IT WORKS. i was able to do a trial. under the free account. and i it was a sucess with uploading a raw file from computer to adobe careative cloud. and i was aple to open it from photo shop touch through the creative cloud. unfourtunaly. i am guessing on this. bec. of the rviews i have read about apples ipad os format. that any other format besides jpeg that gets imported or downloaded on to the ipad gets re conveted into a jpeg file. is that how it works when open a file that is a raw? so my idea would be great.  well i will post something in photo shop touch. so as for the cloud. just want to say thank you. raw file was a big sucess as far a  storage. 



      okay so as above i found out that you can store raw files from a computer into the creative cloud. now. what about an app mainly for just these file types. raw, psd or any other besides jpeg. that is conveter app as well. this is waht just tried. i had a raw file that was part raw plus jpeg. and it shows up in app called photsmith. as a raw plus jpeg. but when uploadedng to the cloud it aoutomaticly convets it to jpeg. is that has to be just an apple thing?  i thought ipads can handle raw format. but sounds like a no.  i am hoping you can come up with a great in between app that can help. looking foward to getting more apps for the ipad from adobe.

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Bford225,


          Photoshop Touch doesn't currently support being able to import camera raw images. I think its due to there being so many different kinds of raw image formats from different cameras and because raw images are often rather large file size wise.


          Currently, Photoshop CS6 might still be your best option for working with RAW images and transfer the images from Creative Cloud to your computer when you want to work on them.


          We also have this forum specifically for Photoshop Touch for more questions or ideas for how to make it better.




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            bford225 Level 1

            okay.  yeah i kinda figured that it doesent support raw just yet. could there a way for adobe photo shop touch in the years to come support raw. what about partner app for photo shop touch. that only supports raw and all other  files from the list you mentioned. you can even make this app an online base/ off line. i think it would be cool. now. i know ipads have storage limits. and heres an idea. you may want to look into. i have been researching a company called hypershop. they created an hyperdrives for ipads to extend the ipad storage.  like raw. http://www.hypershop.com. so i was thinking that maybe yall can look into the idea. and create an app for around the limits.  its just an idea.  i think it would be great to see raw on the ipad.


            now. i have noticed when importing a raw file onto the ipad. it converts the file into a jpeg  that i am thinking it does. why jpeg i am confused.  um. so if u edit a jpeg file or a miorr of a raw file in photo shop touch it saves it as a psd file. i see.


            something just came to my mind. what about the DNG conveter plugin for raw files. do you think that can work, like create an app for that for ipads. and other tablets that  have small stoarage.   i think the DNG idea may be the best idea for raw files for like ipads and androids and smaller tablets or iphones.  so an dng app.



            others than that . i love the photo shop touch app. espically for editing psd files. well done. 


            i hope i helped in giving out ideas for the future of adobe to better help artist

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              bford225 Level 1

              1st. so i am wondering what file type do you recomend for me to photograph in when i have my dslr and ipad. so when i go to import my files into photo shop touch what file type directly not edited to edit in on photo shop touch? i know that when you import a raw file on to the ipad it converts it to a jpeg guess thats what apple does.


              2nd . do you recomend photo shop touch as a 2nd editer app. like for example after i go home from a photo shoot. i download my raw files onto my mac pro laptop or desktop and edit in lightroom or photo shop 4. which i do now. then i keep the files as both psd and jpeg. if i need to work on them further i export as a high resloution psd. and open it into photo shop desk app. now. lets say if i have to leave after exporting as psd. can you finish your work on the ipad in photo shop touch editing a psd file using the cloud as a transfer between the computer and ipad.  so that way i am not alwasy haveing to okay i have to wait. i am wondering if thats what photo shop is for. a 2nd editer app. for conintuing working on a project instead of a 1st solution. or can it be done backwards.


              3rd. file type when shooting. what file type do you recomend me to photograph which will make it easy for me to edit in on photo shop touch . bec i am actualy going down town tomorrow. and i wont have my computer with me. just my camera and ipad. now if you edit a jpeg in photo shop touch are you still subracting information from the file.?


              i am only looking to use photoshop tocuh in my work flow.

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                David__B Adobe Employee

                Hi Bford225,


                I moved your post over to the Photoshop Touch forum because it seemed mostly about Photoshop Touch.


                Currently, I'd recommend converting RAW images to Jpeg in either Photoshop or Lightroom and then uploading them to Creative Cloud for working with them in Photoshop Touch. I know raw support is something our developers are considering so please add your vote here:



                How you best incorporate Photoshop Touch into your workflow is hard to say. What works best for one person may not be true for everyone. Photoshop Touch obviously doesn't have all the capabilities of its desktop counterpart but it does have the ease of use and portability of being on a tablet. Personally, I like using Photoshop Touch for editing images taken with the iPad or my iPhone for convience versus transferring to transfer to the computer, or even if I still do, I can do some of the initial edits from the tablet first. Its nice when I only have the tablet available and not a computer. For images I take with my DSLR I always do my editing in Photoshop and Lightroom. I'm able to make any adjustments on the computer much faster than on a tablet.


                If you have the option to shoot in both Jpeg and RAW that might be good option (best of both worlds). Do you have the ability to import images from the camera without using a computer - using a camera connectivity kit or something like that? My recommendation would be expermentation, test out different workflows on the tablet and see how you like it and find what works best for you.



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                  bford225 Level 1

                  okay thanks for the info.