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    SHIFT \ RETURN, and TAB space for find/replace array

    Malenky.dyzn Level 1

      So right now i have a simple script that will go through a document and find words/characters and replace them with something else. Right now it loops through the document trying to find words in one array and replace them with the text of a second array.


      How would I add in tab spaces for alignment and then a new line return?

      For example, how do I tell it to replace "Text One" with (SHIFT \ RETURN, "Some Text", TAB space, "More Text")


      Specifically I need it to work like this



      agencies = ["Account", "Department", "Department 2", "Department 3", .......];

      newagencies = ["Accountancy Board", (SHIFT \ RETURN, "Department", TAB, "#2"), (SHIFT \ RETURN, "Department", TAB, "#3") ];



      Account. Department 2 Department 3


      Accountancy Board
      Department          #2

      Department          #3



      any help at all would be great.