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    Identity Management - Creating a Profile Edit Form - CQ 5.5



      I am trying to replicate the edit profile functionality found in the Geometrixx "Edit Profile" page (content/geometrixx/en/toolbar/profiles/edit) using my own page template. However, submitting the form does not persist any data.


      What I've tried:

      Using a new page template that I created, I created a new page and added a form with a 2 text input fields (first name, last name). For the form identifier, I specified "profile", which is the same value as the form identifier in the Geometrixx Edit Profile page. However, when I submit the form, the data is not being persisted. When I examine the content usng CRX explorer, there are no changes are made to /home/users either.


      I've read through the Identify Management documentation, http://wem.help.adobe.com/enterprise/en_US/10-0/wem/administering/identity_management.html, but it doesn't go into technical detail regarding how the Geometrixx edit profile form saves data to /home/users. It also doesn't mention how the Geometrixx edit profile page is able to retrieve values from the active profile either.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.