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    Vanity URL Redirect Issue in Google Analytics Report




      In our project, We have configured vanity URLs such that the user can enter the vanity URL in the address bar which will redirect them to the original URL. For eg. if uses inputs 'http://www.abc.com/partner', it will redirect them to 'http://www.abc.com/us/en/partners/become-a-partner.html'. This mapping is configured from Felix console and CQ takes care of the redirection.


      But when such redirection happens by CQ, the request header does not have 'referer' field (Referring URL is blank in the google analytics), because of which Google Analytics report treat vanity URL redirection same as direct traffic. We want to see the segment of vanity traffic to be treated separately from other direct traffic.


      Is it possible to override this CQ behavior to add 'referer' field in the header as 'Referer: http://www.abc.com/partner'


      any other workaround available? Plz share your details.