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    about how javascript and actionscript exchange data

      I am a new one to Flex,
      my system need web page(html) exchange data with Flash(flex),
      because the data is not only a value, so need define a strucure to transfer the data.
      i dont know which type of data usually worked between javascript and action script?
      hopecan get some suggestion.
      is the xml object can be used here?
      hope can get detail suggestion.
      some example would be great!

      bellow is my project status:
      I have use write a simple program to success exchange data between flex(actionscript) and html(javascript),
      now i need design some structure to transfer data between action script and javascript.

      in my project:
      there is some text areas in html page, and other text areas in flash,
      we called text areas in html page is groupA text areas
      text areas in flash is groupB text areas.
      each textarea in GroupA has a corrosponding textarea in GroupB.
      when a textarea's text changed´╝łthis textarea is in groupA/GroupB)
      the corrosponding textarea's text must change inmidietely(textarea in GrroupB/GroupA)
      2.when falsh add a new textarea, html page must add a corrosponding textarea.