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    Fonts jagged in InDesign and PDF export


      I've been troubleshooting this issue for days, with no success. I'm using IDCS6 on a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion, and it probably happens with all fonts, but I've noticed it specifically with "Din mittelschrift" at a large pt. size and 100% magnification. It wouldn't be a terrible thing, since it's not noticeable in most of the document, but I'm trying to create a catalog of sorts (as a series of 2-page spreads) and the brand's name on the cover has the most obnoxiously rough edges - I can't send the PDF off to anyone in this condition.


      I'm an experienced computer user but an InDesign novice, so I've been trying various things I've found online that successfully solved others' problems, without having a very clear idea of what many things in ID do. Reading a few Adobe tutorials didn't enable me to fix things, either.


      I've seen others post that jagged-looking fonts can clear up when exported to a PDF, but that didn't work. When I export to a PDF, interactive or not, it appears jagged at 100% - though strangely enough, at 300% it looks fine.

      I checked my ID display settings. It's jagged even at High Quality - and display settings in InDesign wouldn't affect the PDF, anyway.

      I made sure the font was installed in the proper place (Library/Fonts), cleared my font cache, and restarted the computer.

      I tried converting the text to outlines in InDesign.

      I tried setting the opacity to 99.9%.

      I changed the color of the text to a grey (240/240/240) to reduce the contrast in case that was an issue.

      The rest of the document appears fine in InDesign and as a PDF. No extreme jagged edges or low-quality appearance.

      Right now the document is intended to only be viewed on a screen, but since I'm unsure if I'll ever be asked to prepare it for printing I created it using ID's print layout. I've been avoiding converting it to a web layout because that would mean hours of reformatting, and I figure that fonts should render with smooth edges no matter what the layout is set as.


      I think I've done more than what's listed above, but forgotten the specifics.

      I'll try anything short of destroying the catalog and starting over.

      Thank you!

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          TwitchOSX Level 1

          Can you take a screenshot of what this looks like and post it?


          Also, I've noticed that sometimes weird crap will show up when you view something in Acrobat. Like you can see a line between the font and the stroke, but when you zoom way in, it looks fine. It will print fine as well. Just a display issue. Can you print it? When you print it does it look like crap?