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    Updated ADE 1.7 to ADE 2.0 lost ebooks


      I recently updated my older version of ADE to 2.0. It authenticated my PC and asked me if I wanted to import my library from the earlier edition. I confirmed the import and that first evening, everything was fine. That was a few days ago. Tonight I opened it again and found no books! I discovered that my computer's directory that contains the actual files now had most of the book files missing. I also discovered that ADE's "library" folder is on my C drive.


      2 Questions:

      1. Is there a way to change the location of the ADE 2.0 library (such as on my other drive)? I could find no setup option in ADE.

      2. How the heck did virtually all of my ebooks get wiped out? I certainly didn't go into the PC's folder and delete them, nor did I ask ADE to delete them. They are not in my Windows 7 Recycle Bin, either. Only about 8 were left (out of 100). Very odd.


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