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    Adobe Flash Player does not work in Internet Explorer 10 on Microsoft Windows 8


      I understand that Google Chrome and IE10 have their own automatic update system, however, any site requiring me to use adobe flash player to view videos does not work no matter what I try. I have:

      1. Used the desktop version of IE versus that Start version and both provide me with the same message.
      2. Tried uninstalling and then reinstalling but I receive an error message stating that Flash player is already installed and I know that it is not because I have unistalled it. I received this message: Installer encountered an error: 0x80248000
      3. I even used Ccleaner to hopefully remove any files that were left behind.
      4. I have gone to Tools, then compatibility settings, unchecked automatic update list from Microsoft. there are no websites on that list t remove.
      5. I have double-checked that the flash player add-on is enabled.
      6. I have also checked security settings and enabled Scripting for Java
      7. I have also made sure that I disabled ActiveXFiltering.
      8. Basically, I have tried to use Adobe's websites to figure out the issue at the following link: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/flash-player-issues-windows-8.html#main-pars_header _1

              None of the tips fixed my issue.


      I have Windows 8, recently upgraded from Windows 7. I have a 64-bit machine, when I tried, just in case I was wrong, to install 32-bit, I receive an error. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone may provide. Is there a customer service number by any chance for software we have not paid for but instead it comes with our computers? I really need to be able to use discussions and watch Teachertube, youtube, and other videos to complete grad schools assignments.


      Please help me!