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    How to properly change the content of text item object

    jkinsman Level 1

      Working in CS3 here.


      I have a collection of text item objects from a grep search.


      I want to iterate through the items and possibly change the values depending on a conditional statement.


      So say I have a collection myTextObject that contains text item objects from a GREP search


      for (var i = 0; i<myTextObject.length; i++) {

           if (myTextObject[i].content == "myCondition") {

                myTextObject[i].content = "My New Value";





      Once I do that, all the other content values in my collection are one byte off. So I am guessing that when the collection is created, Indesign sets a byte limit on the collection and when content is replaced, it sets everything off.


      I understand that the collection is built from the beginning of the document so possibly iterating backward would solve the problem?


      Any other suggestions here?