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    Keyboard shortcuts


      Hi all,


      I've used Adobe Premiere off and on ever since v6.0 back in 2001.  And the one thing I've never been very impressed with is the keyboard shortcuts.  At work I use an editing program called Incite.(I know its old)  I'm not sure many people here even know what that is because it's no longer made, but it has hands down, the best keyboard shortcuts I have ever used in editing software.


      Just simple things such as selecting a clip, moving it to where the playhead is located, and putting a 6 frame video and audio dissolve at the beginning and end of a clip takes me 5 seconds to do in Incite.  I would press S to select the clip on the timeline.  Move my playhead to where i want to put the beginning on the clip.  Press F5 and the clip would move to the playhead.  CTRL+right arrow and then pressing 6 and enter would move the playhead forward 6 frames and pressing CTRL+q would make 6 frame video/audio dissolve(depending on if both were selected on the timeline). Hit the + key to move the play head to the next edit point(end of clip) and press CTRL+Left arrow and then 6. And then CTRL+W would make the video/audio dissolve.  All that without touching the mouse once.


      To do that in Premiere would take so much longer.  Just trying to move the clip is a pain in itself.  I either have to know exactly how many frames forward or backward I want to move it, or I have to use my mouse and drag it to where I want it.  And to get a certain amount of frames for an audio dissolve, I either have to make sure my default transition duration is set to what I want, or I have to apply the transition and change it afterwards. 


      It astonishes me that simple things like this cannot be achieved with the keyboard so easily.  Maybe they can and I haven't figured it out but I don't think there is a way to move a clip to the playhead using a single key, or add video/audio transition of a certain rate using the keyboard.


      I'm not trying to bash Premiere at all.  I love it and think it's a great program.  I just wish there was the option to use a keyboard shortcut for simple tasks!!