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    Color problem, black 'noise' on specific colors


      Dear adobe users,


      At the moment I have a problem with a few specific colors within photoshop CS6, on top of my original colors you'll see a black noise effect. Some effect you'll suspect when you've turned on a different color mode. But i'm working with the normal RGB/8 color modes which shouldn't be a problem. If i save this document to a JPEG and open it with Windows Preview, the color problems dissapear. Funny thing is, if I get my color picker and hover on a black spot on my original document, the right color shows up in my color picker and not the black color I see on my screen.


      What can cause this problem? Tried google to find the problem, but no luck so far. Driving me crazy as this isnt really working for me. Thanks for the help so far!


      Printscreen of my problem:



      Original document (jpeg):