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      Hi, is anybody having trouble getting the TOC to behave after importing a Framemaker Book file? I keep getting a long, long list of topics and can't find a way to marshal them into books and sub-books so that the Help looks half-way professional and is easy to use. I think I see a way to do it manually but that's not ideal. The old Robohelp for Framemaker seemed to handle this okay. Thanks.
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          You might like to try creating TOC manually, or watch how many folders are used when importing the fm book. For automatic TOC generation, RH uses the folders containing the topics to help form the structure.

          The other thing to try is to set the heading level at which topics are created at a sensible point. If you use (say) chapter headings you might get 6 topics but if you use a couple of levels down the number will go up. It's a matter of finding a sensible balance I guess.
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            Thanks, I'll add that to my list of things to try. I've got Index gremlins as well, of course with some very bizarre outputs. I'm wondering if going into the various CSS documents will help; all these style mapping lists and check boxes are proving far from intuitive or helpful. It seemed so simple before! Cheers, s
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              RoboHelp creates TOC book entries based on the styles used in the source TOC. Please visit the following Adobe Blog for more information


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                Hi, thanks

                I'm aware of this and it worked fine in Robohelp for Framemaker but version 7 HTML isn't producing acceptable TOCs or Indexes from my FM TOC and IX files. Every topic, regardless of hierarchy or heading or font size, weight, etc. is just placed in a long flat list. I don't know if it's the styles I'm using in my (admittedly quite complex) book templates or whether I need to do some 'mapping' between Frame and Robohelp styles (this part of the process in the new version confuses me and the dialogues/Help aren't very 'helpful' and I seem to end up abolishing the styles from the book, which I want to retain, and keeping only the Robohelp styles, which I don't). I'm trying a very small document as a test case now but not having much more luck. As for the Index...that's too painful to go into at the moment.

                Cheers, Simon