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    buttons disappear after interactive pdf export from idCS5




      I have an indesign CS5 print document, that I now also need as a interactive PDF for sreen view.

      I added navigation buttons to the masterpages of the print document and exported via the "export to interactive PDF" function.

      When the PDF opens in Acrobat Pro most of the navigation buttons are not there anymore. If I preview the buttons in indesign everthing is fine.


      Thanks for any suggestions!



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          lynne's test

          I have a workaround for this. This happens to me all the time. First, check your interactive pdf document. Is the button missing but the functionality still there? This is typically the case with my exports. You can use the Content selection tool to check, or click in the area where you placed the button.


          If the functionality is there, you should export another version of your doc from InDesign using the PDF Print export and choosing "Include appearance" for the interactive elements. Then you simply replace all the pages of your Interactive doc with the Print version in Acrobat using the Pages / Replace command. All your functionality should be preserved, and you should also now see all your buttons.