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    InDesign CS6 - fonts problems (Document fonts fight with system installed fonts, "font incomplete")

    kajzica Level 1


      First, Indesign function to automatically open fonts from "Document fonts" folder is fantastic, quasy font manager. BUT, fonts is available ONLY for THAT indesign document, no other application can use it, even from CS6 suite. This is probably the most stupid decision about how this function must work. IDEALLY, fonts will be available for ALL application inside CS package until indd doc is closed. If I need some font for editing links in photoshop, illustrator I need to install them. This workflow have wrong concept.

      We now have problem, sorry Indesign have problem. Example, I need type1 font mt-symbol for mathtype AND for Indesign. This font is installed in c:\windows\fonts folder. Everything work fine. When I make package from Indesign and reopen indesign indd document inside package, Indesign report that mt-symbol IS INCOMPLETE. WHY, BECAUSE CONCURENT FONTS from both C:\windows\fonts folder AND FROM "Document fonts" folder. If I rename "Document fonts" folder, Indesign open font only from system and everything work properly.

      THIS IS BIG PROBLEM, fonts circles around workflow/folders and always will be duplicates in "document fonts" and system\fonts folder because different application need same fonts.


      Any solution?