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    PostScript Driver for Windows 8


      I have just installed Pagemaker 7 on my new Windows 8 laptop and all works well except when I attempt to create a pdf file.  I get a message "Exporting a pdf file requires a PostScript printer driver.  Please install one."  I have tried using the driver in Distiller on the installation disk but that doesn't work.  I have looked on the Adobe web-site and tried Google but cannot find any help.  Can anyone help me find a PostScript driver for Windows 8, please, or tell me how I create a pdf file from Pagemaker 7 using Windows 8?

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          It seems you have missed the many previous threads such as this:




          In short: you cannot expect that such an ancient program, which Adobe stopped developing and supporting many years ago, will run flawlessly under an OS that appeared ten or more years after PM was declared dead.

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            ReneGnam Level 1

            The solution may be quite easy.

            1. Fine-tune your PM pub, then save it with a new name.
            2. Close PM.
            3. Check your disks to see if you have installed any Corel product in recent years. Under Extras or Add-Ins you may find Corel PDF Creator.
            4. Install Corel PDF Creator. If you don't have it, it's really inexpensive to download and then install.
            5. After Corel PDF Creator has been installed, reboot and open PM.
            6. Load your pub in PM.
            7. Go to File/Print.
            8. In the print dialog box, specify printing the publication to CorelPDFCreatorOnCorelCreatorPort. (It should be right in the dialog scroll box for you to click.) Follow the other prompts on pages, etc.
            9. A pop-up dialog box will then ask you for a new title for your PDF. Give it one. Hit enter. You are done.


            I just did this successfully with an old PM65 publication that is 534 pages. After 8 minutes, I now have a 534-page PDF.


            Good luck!

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              Flosex Level 1

              I now have success!


              Many thanks for your positive suggestion Rene after Claudio's rather negative posting.  Because I was able to install and run Pagemaker 7 under Windows 8, yes Claudio, I was expecting it to run flawlessly.  Fortunately I didn't let Cloaudio's posting discourage me and I now have Pagemaker 7 running flawlessly in Windows 8, including the ability to create pdf files using the Export option.  Like most of the people who posted messages on the previous thread to which you referred me to, after using Pagemaker since the early 1990s, I don't now want to learn a new program and/or be unable to open any of the files I have created in Pagemaker during that time.


              You will recall that after I installed Pagemaker I was unable to create a pdf file, getting an error message telling me to load a PostScript driver, which I couldn't find out how to do - hence my original posting asking for help. 


              After I made the posting I remembered that several years ago I had purchased (quite cheaply) a program called DeskPDF25, see <http://www.docudesk.com/deskpdf/pdf-creator> which enables a pdf file to be created from Pagemaker (and many other programs) by using the Print command (it installs DocuDesk PDF as a print option).  I installed the program and found that not only did it work as just described, but it must have also installed a PostScript driver because I can now create pdf files using the Export command in Pagemaker.


              It sounds as if Rene's suggestion works in a similar way to DeskPDF25, so hopefully either his or my suggestion will enable those people still struggling to create pdf files with Pagemaker in Windows 8 to overcome their problems.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I'd prepare myself to have the whole thing blow up in your face, however.



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                  ReneGnam Level 1

                  Why so negative, Bob? Flosex is obviously much happier now with a working solution.


                  Yeah, I know, using unsupported, out-dated, out-moded software is fraught with peril. So is crossing a street.


                  Let it go.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    I didn't say I hoped it would happen but lurkers need to be warned.


                    PM was unstable even on supported systems. To try using it on Win 8 is a

                    crapshoot at best. There are far better alternatives.



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                      Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                      I don't consider that giving a warning voice is negative. There are many people who simply aren't lucky and cannot even install PM in anything newer that Win XP (and on the Mac side one doesn't even get the chance to try with any OS X!). There are others who do manage to install it, but find that one or more features are not working. And there are a few who say that they have installed it successfully under Win 7 and even later, but have to look for workarounds for what they call minor glitches.


                      For me, the worst part is that PM was always unstable, as Bob mentions, and it's most probably more unstable under unsupported OSs. So I always advice people who are lucky enough to run PM in such conditions, to use a good incrementsl backup scheme. This is especially advisable while working on larger projects that are also important. And I don't consider that giving this advise is being negative.

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                        Jay Chevako Level 3

                        Not all pdf creators are reliable, and can lead to some very messed up files, but I'm sure that your Brand X pdf maker is one hundred percent foolproof and will output to an imagesetter with not problem. Was that positive enough?


                        I tend to be on the recieving end of these sketchy pdf files, and have to spend the time to try to fix them, or track down the artist for the files to recreate the things. So I consider it very positive to point out potential disasters before they happen.

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                          BigJohnD Level 3

                          At the second or third attempt I managed to get PM7 to install on Win7, but I only use it for salvaging old PM files.  As for creating a PDF, well, I wouldn't even attempt it.  I would never consider an application from the last century to be reliable or stable enough for a live publication.


                          Best of luck, Flosex.

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                            Fellow Luddites Who Use PM7 And Who For One Reason Or Another And Are Unlikely To Change Despite Bob And Claudio's Gnashing of Teeth.


                            (mine is that I have around 2000 PM7 templates that I've used to earn a good living from  by using PM and Win 95/98/2000/Server2000/Server2003, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1) for the past 16 years without any problems whatsoever). My need is only simply to create good quality 100-150 pag colour hi res instruction booklets for my clients.


                            I couldn't get the Chris's  above suggested INF and PPD workaround to work for me, to enable me to.. but I did find my own workaround. I simply installed this Ricoh Postscript printer driver, using the manual/install from disk method, after downloading and unzipping:

                            http://support.ricoh.com/bb/html/dr_ut_e/rc2/model/p_i/p_ien.htm#Microsoft Windows 8.1

                            Works like a charm for me on using PM7.01/Distiller 5.0/Win 8.1


                            The result are good, high quality PDF's that my printhouse have no problems with at all..


                            Actually Bob/Claudio... I SERIOUSLY did try to convert to ID CC today... downloaded the trial even... but when I found that I can't open/convert PM files in ID CC, I had to put my credit card away. And I'm not feeling like buying  ID CS6 for USD600-ish just to do convert the files, so I can then use ID CC at US$20/month. Call it Divine Providence, or just bad planning.. Bottom line is,  I guess I'll keep working with PM7 until a future version of Windows finally breaks it, or I have a need for more Adobe bells and whistles.











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                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              I'm not gnashing my teeth, but a CC subscription includes CS6.