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    Responsive Thumbnails Layout


      Hi all,


      I am having major dificulties creating something relativly simple.



      Basically, I am working with 100% stage width and height and what I want to achieve is following:


      1. Have a fixed main menu area on the left side of the screen (I have done this - so no problem there)


      2. And then have raw(s) of thumbnails filling remaining part of the screen to the right in responsive manner (this is what I am strugling with)



      My question is - how do I make this raw(s) of thumbnails responsive to the screen width and height!?


      To illustarte what I want to achieve please follow this link: http://www.vfxdude.com/childtheme/bfct04/


      As you can see - by making browser window narrow thumbnails are reajusting thier position. I am not after animated effect but it would be a bonus!



      Anyone can shred some light how to achieve this?



      Many thanks in advance!