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    How do I create a fixed layout landscape-only epub3 in Indesign?



      I have been trying to create a fixed layout epub3 from indesign without results.

      What I've done is to create a book with 4 pages in layout format 1034px/768px, each of them with text and pictures. I gave the text a style with the paragraph and exported in epub3 format.

      When I upload this to the ipad it works as a epub2, the layout is not fixed.

      When I open the files and read the code it actually is like a epub2, there is no fixed layout meta tag, there is no page dimension in each page, in the css the body size is auto and so on.

      I also opened the files and added without any result the following in the .opf file.

      <meta property="rendition:layout">pre-paginated</meta> (this should create the fixed layout option)
      <meta property="rendition:orientation">landscape</meta>
      (this should create a landscape only view)
      <meta property="rendition:spread">none</meta> (this should create a one page at a time view)

      Is there a way of achieving what I want or it simply is a functionality not yet introduced?

      Thanks for any advice