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    Flash MX Professional 2004 Activation Problems


      I am having trouble activating Flash MX Professional 2004. I have had the product for many years, but it is asking again to be reactivated, probably because I have moved the vmWare virtual machine on which it is installed to a new host computer.


      I have learned that the old Macromedia activation servers are no longer available, and have tried using the information provided by http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/macromedia-legacy-activation-error.html. But that only activates me to a non-professional version. I need to use features in the Professional version.


      Is there a serial number available for Flash MX Professional 2004?

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          You need to contact Adobe. You can do it over Live Chat. Tell them your product. They are very familiar with your issue (it has been rampant with other products). They will guide you where you need to be.

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            Britwick Level 1

            Thanks for the advice. I had already called Chat earlier, before I found out the servers had been deactivated.

            But I called them again but to no avail. The initial response both times was that they do not support this product any more. When I press, they say I have to contact telephone support. I've tried that using the numbers they have suggested (UK numbers), but they say the same thing.


            I also got a telephone number that is an automatic activation help line, but it just tells me that Macromedia products are no longer supported and directs me to the website I mentioned in my initial posting.


            No one at Adobe I have talked to (either electronically or on the telephone) seems to be able to help.


            Any suggestions anyone?

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              There's really nothing you can do outside of Adobe. They deactivated a ton of servers (CS2 servers were a nightmare in a few forums). They made a bunch of pages for various products with keys for owners of that software to use their software without the activation service. So as much as I can tell you, this definitely isn't a new issue but them not providing you with a functioning product is a pretty big surprise.


              You should contact them again and demand to talk to a supervisor. I can't see them just turning a cheek on something like this. You're not asking for "support", you're just trying to get your product to work and it's their fault the activation serials don't match the product they disabled. A supervisor will probably be able to help, or at least let you know if they're working on a page for products that don't have a serial number yet, which may be the case.

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                moccamaximum Level 5

                [Suite software solution (unworking) removed]


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                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                  Sorry moccamaximum but that link referred to a Suite, not a single product. You should refrain from posting links to file sharing sites. Any Adobe official fix links are readily welcomed as they can be guaranteed not to contain any unwanted virus/malware/spyware. Please keep the solution to the specific product in question however, just Flash MX 2004 Professional, not a Suite, until the OP mentions the product is a Suite.


                  As a side note on the suite, you may wish to contact Adobe and mention that CS2 is offered to people who have previously owned the CS2 suite, which would contain a Professional version of Flash. If they are unwilling to give you access to the software you purchased you may be able to take advantage of that offering. But please ask Adobe about this first, otherwise it would be illegal. I know of no other offerings that contain an unsupported version of Flash Professional (CS2 is also unsupported).

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                    Britwick Level 1

                    OK, I have got my problem sorted.


                    After a second call to UK customer service, I was e-mailed a serial number that they said was for Flash MX 2004 Professional. However, it didn't work with my version! My version is 7.2, and the original serial number of my product starts PFD700. The serial number given by Adobe is PFD800-00466-08280-86965. Maybe the 800 means its for a later version, don't know, but my version does not accept this as a valid serial number.


                    A third call to try to get a PFD700 serial number got me a brick wall again, they insisted that was the only serial number for MX 2004 Pro they had. At this point I followed sinious's suggestion and asked to talk to a supervisor. They were on the phone, and I was promised a call back. I'm still waiting.


                    So I hunted a bit harder with Google and eventually found a site that gave me a serial number. The use of that unlocked the Professional features of my version, and I'm up and running again.


                    Thanks for your contributions guys, you've both helped. I agree with sinious's critism of moccamaximum, and wouldn't normally go to sites of dubious provenance for help. But after being exhausted by my efforts to get help from Adobe - who to be fair nearly got there in the end - I went hunting and found something that solved my problem. After all, Adobe themselves are publishing activation-free serial numbers.


                    I've given the serial number I got from Adobe, it may help others who experience activation problems in the future.


                    But I'll follow sinious's advice and not give out the serial number or details of the website I got it from. It wasn't very hard to find.

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                      sinious Most Valuable Participant

                      Thank you for not posting that information. You did pay for your product so you deserve for it to work. While I'm happy you can continue working, do note that Adobe servers will see your serial number in use and may or may not do something about it in the future.


                      What you may want to do is get the next version of Flash Pro and try the serial number they gave you. You may not even know it but they may have upgraded you to the next version for free. If it does work on that then consider it a gift from Adobe. The latest software is always the best to use.


                      Lastly, just to be clear, it wasn't a criticizm to Mocca, I just am obligated to remove anything that could be potentially harmful and advocate the correct route, which is talking to Adobe, for all users safety.


                      If you are all set please mark helpful/correct responses so we can filter out unanswered questions. Good luck!

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                        cmanginipalli Level 1

                        I have the exact same problem. I am trying to activate my Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and I get "It appears that your computer;s clock is not current." My machine time is just fine, I had our service desk meddle with boot time, etc but no luck. I called and chatted adobe and they say they are not supporting it. Our legacy application is built with .fla files and actionscript 2.0. I am curious how you got this fixed or if there are alternatives to build .fla and actionscript 2.0 code?

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                          cmanginipalli Level 1

                          I had finally found the solution. Please try this https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/macromedia-legacy-activation-error.html


                          Scroll down and adobe had give the activation codes in there for legacy software.