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    Slideshow Transitions

    DerekDigital Level 1

      Hello folks. I'm after a little bit of advice with Edge Animate.


      I'm building a website for an architect that has a large number of interactive slideshows. Setting Opacity keyframes in Edge Animate I've created a subtle cross-disolve effect that works very well. However I want the passive slideshow for the homepage to be different. Ideally I'd like to experiment with a transition like vertical blinds. I had hoped that Edge may contain a Transitions panel - similar to Premiere's – and all I'd have to do is drag and drop a transition to the Edge timeline to apply it to the slideshow.


      I've found several websites that show what I'm looking for - http://sliderjs.org/ is a good example - but my lack of coding knowledge and coding terminology is preventing me for knowing what, how and where I add code to Edge Animate. I'm convinced it shouldn't be too difficult, but need a bit of hand-holding.


      Any thoughts or offers of help? Thanks in advance.