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    Frame repair in rendered streams

    Geoff Vane Level 1

      Since Encore screws up fields and dynamic link doesn't work on my system, I encode with another program.

      Normally that solves all problems.


      However, the extreme footage I now must encode, has some intens backlit strobo shots in them.

      No encoder can encode some of the frames without causing blocky hiccups.


      Is there a program which allows the manipulation within rendered streams of certain frames?

      I've found some coding options, but I don't want that. I need GUI controlled software.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Just how do you think Encore screws up fields?


          Also, what software are you using for the encoding?  Is it SD or HD material?  MPEG2 or H.264?

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            Geoff Vane Level 1

            There is a fifty percent chance fields are wrong on the final DVD.

            Opening a Premiere sequence in Encore will automatically adjust the fields in the right order,

            but by swapping them in stead of shifting the image one pixel up.

            This causes ugly jaggies in every diagonal line and graphic.

            Plus the Encoding by Encore is not all that good.

            I prefer CCE which does a better job.

            And the burn speed of the DVD drive can't be chosen so it burns at top speed which increases chances for errors.

            So I export an iso and burn it with imgburn, which can do it at 4X speed.


            I'm working with SD.

            But I solved the problem.


            If a light flashes straight into the camera, you need to deinterlace these moments, or all encoders will fail.

            No matter what quality you encode at, by the way.

            There is too much field info at such moments.

            So that is the way to go now. Lot's of work, but it can be done.