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    Problem with file size

    Ricardo Bueno

                Hello guys!

                 I'm having a problem when trying to render a composition, it gives me a HUGE file as result, i mean.. it's a composition with 5 min. long, but it's basically a "still" image with a wiggle and a flicker effect using the Red Giant Magic Bullet Misfire plugin (wich by the way i think it's the cause of the "problem") .

      When i render this composition, it gives me files with 230~350mb, i'v tried to use other codecs different than H.264 like Windows Media, Quicktime, and MPEG4, it's always the same, huge files with near 300mb...

      I'll attach some screens of my whole composition settings, and also the render settings that i'm using, and a link to a youtube video that's basically what i'm trying to do


      Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ODFXh7Gjq4&list=PL61B2EF83E387AD37&index=24


      I really need some suggestions of settings or different codecs to use in order to achieve a small file size.

      Thank you guys, i hope you can help me with this one! =D