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    How to play the timeline "onmouseover" in an image map?...(asap pleeease :-)


      Hello all,


      I'm in a bit of trouble and looking for a fast advice (i have a deadline tommorow...)


      So, the short story - thanks to this post   http://forums.adobe.com/message/4803761



      $('<img width="225" height="330" src="images/UKmap.gif" usemap="#ukAreas">'+

               '<map name="ukAreas">'+

               '<area shape="poly" alt="" title="scotland" coords="34,13,16,64,54,125,78,153,104,143,124,125,129,96,149,37,101,2 8,129,1,90,0" href="" target="" />'+

               '<area shape="poly" alt="" title="northern-ireland" coords="50,174,65,156,39,117,13,132,-4,170,26,172" href="images/edge.jpg" target="" />'+

      // and so on...



      i created a similar image map.


      Now i need to play the timeline when i go with the mouse over one of the hotspot areas in the image map.

      How can i modify the above code to do that?...(something like onmouseover="sym.play('first_animation')") where "first_animation" is a label on the timeline.

      (Don't laugh..i'm pretty bad with javascript...)


      ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.