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    Working w/ existing HTML - there's no stage, and "snap to guides" greyed out - how do I fix this?

    RuesterProd Level 1

      I designed my page in Dreamweaver CS6, and I want to animate the elements with Edge Animate...


      I've noticed, though, that I don't have a Stage in the Elements panel, I'm trying to follow along some instructions/tutorials and a lot seems to start with adding code to the stage or code that references the stage... in lieu of this, do I just create a .container div and use it the same way?


      ALSO, I can't seem to use the "snap-to-guides" Feature in the View menu... it stays greyed out, how do I turn that feature on?


      PLUS it's not allowing me to switch anything from px to %! I select any of my div's in the elements panel and the little px to % switches are greyed out!!


      ... basically what I'm trying to do is center an image/symbol on my web page but without guides, that's tricky and I'm just estimating things (I want the starting image in the exact center of the screen when my animation starts...


      Thanks for any help!