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    Do I build my site in Edge or Muse?


      I am new at this and don't know anything about writing code. I am using PhotoShop CS6, Edge, and Muse to build a website. I have built a 60 second, interactive home page but I don't know how to make the navigation buttons work for other pages that I plan to build in Muse. I think I am correct that I don't build one long running site in Edge? If I am supposed to add Actions to text or buttons to make them navigate to other places, how do I add URLs to pages that haven't been built yet? My understanding is that Muse easily assigns hyperlinks to pages, but that is when they are built in Muse? I see tutorial showing how to build nav buttons to add into Muse but that seems like it would overwrite all my work to have animation and effects on the home page text that I want to link to other pages.


      Do I build each page independently in Edge and then place them on page locations in Muse? Or can I use the home page as my template to build the other pages in Muse? I know this shows my ignorance, but I have to start somewhere. I am catching on to working the different programs, it is more a clarity of work flow from one to the other that I need help with.


      Here is my home page if you want to see where I am thus far: http://gloriousgardensinc.businesscatalyst.com


      Thanks in advance for your help.