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    Missing Camera Raw in PSE11?

    Raddang Newcomer

      I purchased PSE 11 and do not have the plug-in Camera Raw. I have tried the solutions suggested in the main Adobe help page without success. A friend bought a copy at the same time and she has the plug-in. Any suggestions why I do not have it? I have even followed to upgrade to 7.3 but it has still not appeared in my Help>Plug-ins dropdown, nor is it in the Open As file type dropdown?

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          99jon Legend


          You can check what version you have installed from the top menu:


          Help >> About Plug-in >> Camera Raw


          You should see a pop-up like this (press Esc to close)



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            Raddang Newcomer

            Thanks for your fast reply but as I said, I am NOT seeing Camera Raw listed in the Plug-In dropdown menu nor the file type dropdown in File>Open As. There is no evidence anywhere that it was even installed from the disc. I have reinstalled several times to no avail.

            Any other ideas would be appreciated.


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              99jon Legend


              Uninstall via the control panel and then install again from a different source. Use the link below to download the free trial (it’s the identical product) and after installation make it permanent with the serial number from your DVD sleeve.




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                Raddang Newcomer

                Thanks for the suggestion 99jon. I re-installed it that way by download and I still do not have camera raw. It is beginning to look as if I have something lacking or conflicting in my system. If you have any other thoughts I would be pleased to hear them but otherwise thank you very much for trying to help with my problem.

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                  99jon Legend

                  Hmm, that seems very strange.


                  You could try the CS6 download and then rename the plug-in before installing it manually. Right-click on the following link and choose “Save Target As”


                  http://swupdl.adobe.com/updates/oobe/aam20/win/PhotoshopCameraRaw7-7.0 /7.3.37/Setup.zip



                  When the download completes double click on setup.zip and on the menu click Extract all files, then click the Extract button.



                  Go to the folder

                  payloads and then go to the folder AdobeCameraRaw7.0All-291112104530 and finally go to the folder Assets1_1.zip


                  Inside Assets1_1.zip extract all files (as above) then find the file 1003

                  Rename the file 1003 as Camera Raw.8bi


                  C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\Elements 11\File Formats


                  On Windows 64 bit go to the File Formats folder and drag Camera Raw.8bi into that folder.







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                    99jon Legend

                    P.S. You could check the File Formats folder first to ensure Camera Raw.8bi is missing.

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                      Raddang Newcomer

                      Hi 99jon. Thanks for the continued help. I checked in the File Formats Folder and Camera Raw.8bi IS there. Any clues as to how the program should find it???

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                        Raddang Newcomer

                        PS. Forgot to say it is the ONLY file in the folder, could this have a bearing on the problem?

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                          99jon Legend

                          What camera are you using to shoot the raw files?


                          You obviously have the plug-in. When you choose a raw file or DNG file and click open with PSE11 it should open automatically in the camera raw interface. You would normally only us File >> Open As if you want to open a jpeg or other non-raw file in the camera raw interface.



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                            Raddang Newcomer

                            Nikon D5000. The line, Camera Raw, in your screen shot above does not exist when I go to open a file and any 'raw' images are NOT visible in the thumbnails, not even greyed out.


                            I also have PSE7 and although I do have the Camera Raw line in the file types dropdown and can use it for jpg's, I cannot open raw files in that program either? I get a message something like 'filetype unknown' when I know Nikon NEF is on the list.


                            I am fairly computer savvy and it seems like a path problem where the program is not finding the plug-in. Might be stupid but that is as far as my SAVVY goes. ;-)

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                              99jon Legend

                              If jpegs open in camera raw then there is nothing wrong with the plug-I file path.



                              Those NEF files should open in PSE7 and PSE11. How are you getting them from the camera storage card to the computer? Have they been through Nikon Transfer or NX or become corrupted in some other software.


                              Try shooting a couple of fresh NEF’s and copy them straight from storage card into a folder. Then try opening in PSE using:


                              File >> Open



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                                Raddang Newcomer

                                I normally download to a file in Picasa. However I have just taken a couple of NEF shots and downloaded to my desktop. When I tried to open them I got the massage: Cannot open XXXX/desktop/DSC_0001.NEF because it is the wrong type of file.


                                I should mention that I cannot open NEF files in any editor that I have, Gimp, Corel Paint Shop Pro, PSE 7, and PSE 11. Could there be a common problem affecting all programs, i.e. something about my system....it is getting fairly old.


                                I appreciate your continued efforts to help with my problem but when you have had enough, just say, you have been a big help. Cheers...

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                                  99jon Legend


                                  I could be a lack of system resources (RAM) or file corruption. Do the NEF’s open in Nikon software assuming you got some raw software converter with the camera? Otherwise you would need to get the files tested on another system. I just downloaded a specimen NEF from DPReview from your camera model. The file size is about 11mb (not vast by today’s standards) and it opened first tome in PSE11 camera raw.


                                  Click to view



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                                    Raddang Newcomer

                                    I installed the Nikon software and as one would expect, raw images opened OK. Irrespective of what camera I am using, I can't understand why, when I have the raw file in the location you ased me to look in, it is not available in any PSE11 dropdown menu?


                                    A friend on another, non photographic, forum has also been trying to help. He found this on an Adobe site and it seems to infer that there are problems with Nikon Raw and Adobe. But that still does not explain why raw is not available when I open PSE11. What if I had a Canon, Panosonic or whatever, I would still have the same problem. This is what the message said.


                                    1-Fullscreen capture 25012013 135814.jpg

                                    I think we have all exhausted our efforts and I will just have to stick with jpg's or adjust jpg's as raw in PSE7.


                                    Thanks a lot for trying so hard 99jon but I think we are up against a brick wall.


                                    Thanks again and Best Regards


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                                      99jon Legend

                                      As I have shown above NEF files from the d5000 do work with Adobe software. From Full Edit in PSE 7 or Expert Mode in PSE11 you simply click File >> Open and navigate to a NEF. There is no need to use the drop-down format list in Open As.


                                      The only problem I know of with NEFs is where new cameras are used with old versions of Nikon software (see link) but I think that is not the problem in your case.


                                      Sorry it's not working for you.



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                                        ssprengel Mythic

                                        If you want to post one of your NEF files, here, someone else can try to import it, to determine whether there is something wrong with the files, themselves, or with your computer’s software installation.  To post a larger file you can upload it to www.dropbox.com making an account if necessary, and then reply with the public download link to the file.


                                        You can also test your computer’s raw compatibility by downloading a sample NEF file from the internet.  For example there are several D5000 raw files linked at the bottom of this page:  http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond5000/15


                                        Here is an ISO 1600 example:  http://movies.dpreview.com.s3.amazonaws.com/nikon_d5000/Studio_ISO1600.zip

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                                          99jon Legend

                                          You could do a final check on file association. Go to:

                                          Control Panel >> Default Programs >> Set Associations

                                          Make sure .8bi is associated with Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

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                                            Raddang Newcomer

                                            I tried that ssprengel and the image would not open. I just got the message 'wrong type of file'


                                            And 99jon, I think I have mentioned before that if I try File>Open the search for the image file or icon, neither is in the folder where I saved it? In fact I don't get any reference or thumbnail of raw images anywhere when using PSE11. I can see them and open them in picasa?


                                            I am coming round to thinking that my computer, which is 6 or7 years old, is possibly lacking something necessary to open Raw images. I have plenty of free RAM so that not the problem. I know that the complete PSE11 program has loaded so I am now at a loss as to why things aren't happening.


                                            Don't waste a lot of your time guys, much as I appreciate it, your efforts and those of a friend on another forum have so far drawn a blank.


                                            Thanks anyhow.

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                                              ssprengel Mythic

                                              Assuming you unzipped the NEF out of the archive it came it, if the sample NEF wouldn’t open then the problem isn’t that the NEFs from your particular camera are corrupted.


                                              It is possible that ACR 7.x needs some math function from the CPU that your old computer does not have and PSE 11 refuses to load it.  Not that it’ll make things work but you could post all the info that PSE / Help / System Information lists, making sure any serial numbers in the list are removed.  I think PSE has Sys Info.  I only have Photoshop on the computer I’m at right now and it has Sys Info.


                                              My oldish computer has the following for CPU information in Sys Info and runs ACR 7.x just fine:


                                              System architecture: Intel CPU Family:15, Model:2, Stepping:7 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2

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                                                Raddang Newcomer

                                                Sorry, 99jon, I missed this message when I posted my next reply.


                                                My system is XP service pack 3. Packard Bell   AMD2800+  2.0GHz  2 Gb RAM.


                                                I don't have Default Progs in control panel. I looked in Folder Options and found a listing of file extensions including '8BI opens with Adobe PSE'.

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                                                  99jon Legend

                                                  Is that just PSE or PSE7?


                                                  Make sure the PSE7 File Format folder has the 5.4 version or even 5.5 (the last update for PSE7)



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                                                    Raddang Newcomer

                                                    99jon....It says: opens with PSE 11 (but in my case it doesn't )


                                                    ssprengel... I will post a raw picture a little later if you think that might be helpful.

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                                                      Raddang Newcomer

                                                      Just checked PSE7 Camera Raw which is only 4.4   Checking updates didn't reveal anything so I have downloaded 5.5 which is specific to Nikon D3000, same sofware as mine. It is a zipped file. How should I open it and where should I move it to. (Sorry guys my computer savy is now exceeded)


                                                      I cannot find the location of the earlier edition in PSE7, it is not in the common files etc etc File Formats folder..., only PSE 11's camera raw is in there?

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                                                        99jon Legend

                                                        When you open the zip folder click Extract all files >> extract.


                                                        A new folder should open with Camera Raw 8bi


                                                        Drag it to file formats


                                                        C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\Elements 7\File Formats


                                                        NB Program Files (x86) on 64 bit systems


                                                        Delete the existing 8bi file first.

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                                                          Raddang Newcomer

                                                          Thanks for that 99jon. I now have a working RAW option, albeit in PSE7 but I can live with that.


                                                          ssprengel thanks for all your help too. Now that I have a functioning Camera Raw option I am happy to use that for now. I may come back to PSE11 later but for now I am closing this as asucces with thanks to you both.

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                                                            Raddang Newcomer

                                                            For the benefit of anyone who may experience the same problem I eventually found an answer for opening RAW files from a Nikon D5000 in PSE11, that I had been unable to do.

                                                            I looked at the list of available Camera Raw downloads and as 5.5 included my camera I downloaded this version. I then quarantined 7.3 which I had tried without success, and replaced it with 5.5 and, bingo, to my surprise and joy IT WORKS.

                                                            So, whatever the reason for 7.3 not working, that is now all irrelevent because I am up and running with 5.5. (I just hope the auto update program doesn't think it knows better than me and re-installs 7.3.)