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    Scale image inside stroke

    Mark Richardson Level 1

      I'm pretty new to InDesign so apologies if this is obvious but I can't find anything searching.


      I'm using InDesign to create photo albums and want to create grids of images that are different sizes.


      The way I find it easiest to design is to place the photos on the page, arrange them with the edges of the photos touching, and then once I'm happy with the grid reduce the size of the images to introduce even whitespace between them. I worked like this with previous software.


      In InDesign I can't find a way to do this. The closest approximation I've found is to use a white inner stroke, but this crops the image rather than scales it. Alternatively, once I'm happy with a layout I can create a new grid over the top of the photos and paste them in. Neither of these is particularly efficient.


      I've tried selecting all the frames and scaling these, but it applies the transformation to them as a group rather than individually.


      I know I could design the layout first and then put the photos in, but I find that difficult before I know what I want the layout to be.


      Any ideas?