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    Creating custom Mobile Device Group

    Adnan_N Level 1

      I need to create a custom Mobile device groups so I copied /etc/mobile/groups to /etc/mobile/my-groups


      But when trying to configure mobile template (/libs/wcm/mobile) to fetch this new mobile group (by changing /libs/wcm/mobile/components/page/tab_mobile/items/basic/deviceGroups/fieldConfig->options )


      To: /bin/wcm/mobile/mygroups.json

      existing value: /bin/wcm/mobile/groups.json


      I am getting 404 error (for URL /bin/wcm/mobile/mygroups.json), is there anything additional I need to do to allow a new /etc path to be assessed with /bin url?


      Hope my question makes sense!



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          rush_pawan Level 4



          The com.day.cq.wcm.mobile.core.impl.device.MobileListServlet is responsible to fetch the device group option from location "/etc/mobile/groups" and this servlet has been mapped with these paths [/bin/wcm/mobile/groups, /bin/wcm/mobile/emulators, /bin/wcm/mobile/filters, /bin/wcm/mobile/capabilities] so you can not invoke the list from anyother custom path.


          Now you have two option either add your new device group under "/etc/mobile/groups"




          create a new servlet which will response in similar way by extending com.day.cq.wcm.mobile.core.impl.device.MobileListServlet or configure the selection option /libs/wcm/mobile/components/page/tab_mobile/items/basic/items/deviceGroups/fieldConfig using manual configuration via setting all the nodes manually.


          To find more details about mapping go to http://<hot>:<port>/system/console/components and search for MobileListServlet



          I hope above helps you to proceed. For more information let me know.