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    Progressive Design Website Question


      I have made a new site and it's my first attempt at progressive design.



      I am testing the progressive functionality of the site by dragging the browser window to it's narrowest width and observing how the website re-flows and images re-size. I think I may have some problem with the header section but I'm not sure.


      What I'm trying to achieve is that when the browser is narrowed the header logo re-sizes, the contact info just disappears off the screen and the nav menu re-flows. It pretty much works that way as I have it.


      1) On all of the pages, at a certain point while dragging the browser to a narrower width, a horizontal scroll bar appears. Is this normal or should this scroll bar not be appearing at all?


      2) On the pages that have 2 main content columns "websites", renderings", "blog" and "about" when the browser is at it's narrowest width there is no horizontal scroll bar. Everything appears as I want it to. On the other pages "index/home" and "contact when the browser is at it's narrowest width there is a horiz scroll bar. It may have something to do with the 2px border but I am thinking it may also be related to the contact info in the header. I can't figure out how to make it go away.


      If anyone can look at this and offer any advice it will be most appreciated. Also any other comments or criticism about my first attempt at progressive design will be welcome.


      thanks in advance for any help!