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    AIR HTML+JavaScript app vs. hardware accelerated composing


      I'm developing an HTML application for mobiles and desktops. The application is optimized for WebKit based environment. To improve a rendering speed I'm using hardware accelerated layers (something like -webkit-transform: translateZ(0); etc...).

      This works great on my iOS devices (using PhoneGap aka Cordova to package a "native" app).

      On Windows and OS X I'm using Adobe AIR 3.5 to package a captive runtime HTML/JavaScript based application. I have found this to be the best solution (for now) even though I have tried many others (Cordova for Windows 7 / OS X, TideSDK, ...).

      The point is that the HTML rendering in Adobe AIR seems not to be hardware accelerated. Does anyone of you have experience with this? Is here any possibility to enable hardware accelerated layers in AIR HTML rendering?

      Thanks a lot