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    Pass a function when calling onClick for a button (UI)

    Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3



      I´m now studying and adventuring myself in the Script UI creation. I´m enjoying it !!!


      I´m having the following trouble: I added a button to a dialog box and would like to tell script to run some commands when users click on the button. So this is a simple (poor example):


      var dlg = new Window ("dialog", "My dialog", [0,0,0,0])

      dlg.size = [500,500]

      dlg.location = [300,300]


      var b = dlg.add("button", [0,0,0,0], "Run")

      b.location = [20, 180]

      b.size = [80, 30]





      b.onClick = test () //the problem is here



      function test(){








      Everything is right. But the onClick event does not execute the function test I´m passing! What Am I missing?


      I know if I use


      b.onClick = function (){




      It works...but I´d like the function to be called instead of directlly created when calling the onClick. Do not know if I´m able to explain it better.


      Thank you for the help

      Best Regards