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    Strange Export Problem CS6


      I have a stange problem when I am exporting files to PDF.  I set up a template and I have been using the same template for ever and all of the sudden I am having this strange problem.  I open the template, change the info that needs changed and then I save it with a new name, in a new file folder, and then I export the file as a PDF.  Normaly when I export the file, the name in the dialog window is the same name that I saved the new file to...for example if I save the file as "M9635 Blue Springs Proof" that is what is in the file name dialog box when I go to export it.  For some reason, for the past few days it now says "Template File Proof" (which is the name of my template).  I have to go back to the folder I saved the file in and name it again...does anyone know why this is happening? PLEASE HELP!